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Learning to Build 

Dealing with Anger

Keep it safe! Anger can Destroy

Once again we need to remember to Keep it Safe.

Before we can learn to use our anger effectively, we need to be in a safe place.

We also need to accept that in its raw form, anger as an instinct means destroy - to either protect ourselves or to provide the necessities of life.

As humans we need to learn to channel this into a useful form and Learn to be constructive, not destructive.

Anger is good

Anger itself is good, yet we continue to believe that Anger is Bad. We are constantly told "Don't Be Angry", but often confuse Anger with Violence or Aggression - which it can become if not wisely used. It is what we do with it that can be dangerous or bad - but it can also be used for Good.

Own your own Anger

Anger can also be turned in on itself in the form of Blame. Don’t blame others for your anger.

Feel and DO NOT ACT

Learn to feel the anger and NOT act (yet).

More is not better

A little anger is better than a lot. Learn to deal with it earlier.


Anger is often a shell protecting our hurts and disappointments that carry lessons to learn and fix.

Energy for Effort

Anger is only energy for effort. Don’t waste it (especially on those you do not like)!

Mixed Feelings

You can be a little angry and yet pleasant to someone at the same time as all are a mix of good and bad. We need to learn to be nice but firm!


Frustration is the mother of invention. All creativity comes from our anger!

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